Conference Presentations

2019  TCC Online Conference - Sustainable Learning, Accessible Technologies

Collaborative problem solving using Enterprise Architecture Frameworks - Slides

Peer-to-peer learning using blog style posts for Enterprise Architecture Frameworks - Slides

2017  TCC Online Conference - Changing to Learn, Learning to Change

Is Learning enhanced by guided BLOG threads? - Slides

To what degree is learning enhanced by guided BLOG discussions? - Slides

2014 TCC Online Conference - Emerging Technologies for Open and Global Learning
Role for "At Stakeness" in Team Collaboration - Session - Slides

2013 TCC Online Conference - Issues & Trends 

Problem-Based Learning for Capstone Project Teams: Sharing Research Findings - Slides

2013 American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences - 20th Annual Conference

Knowledge Sharing and Problem-Based Learning - PDF - Slides

2012 TCC Online Conference - Social Media: Trends

Problem-based Learning applied to Team Environments - PDF - Slides

2011 TCC Online Conference - Emerging Technologies: Making it Work 

Technology Acceptance Model for Online Adult Education - PDF - Slides

Value-Chain Analysis Applied to Online Learning - PDF - Slides

2011 National University Educational Technology conference

Effectiveness of Interaction in Learner Centered Paradigm in Online Education
Part 1 - PDF - Slides     Part2 - PDF - Slides 

2010 TCC Online Conference - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Communication, Collaboration, Communities, Mobility and Best Choices 

Learner Centered Paradigm In Online Education - Slides

2009 3rd National University Faculty Research and Scholarship Conference
Learning Environments for Virtual Team Success - PDF
Learning Management Systems Infrastructure - PDF
Faculty Research Scholar Conference Schedule - PDF
National University ScholarSphere Newsletter - PDF

2009 TCC Online Conference - The New Internet: Collaborative Learning, Social Networking, Technology Tools, and Best Practices
Virtual Teams in a Synchronized Visual Learning Environment - Slides

2008 ICSTC Conference April
Rapid Prototyping Data Integration - (Page 204 in the Conference Proceedings PDF